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Hula Hoop

Available in 2 sizes 60cm and 80cm and in 4 colours: blue, green, yellow, red.

Balance and Coordination Game

37.51 976081
Balance and Coordination Game A board with 4 wooden balls. By climbing on the board and placing their feet on
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Hop sacks

Hop sacks: 60cm Hop surface: 25 x 25 cm To enhance the development of balance. Supplied in two different colours (Red Blue). Very sturdy and well finished. Made of 100% nylon.


Ribbons 2m With plastic wand 30cm Colourful

Target Maths – Pk3

24.70 954501
Three large target boards showing numbers 10 to 100, 0 to 10 and 0 to 20.
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Colourful Canned Stilts (6pcs)

24.01 933329
Colourful Canned Stilts Use to play balancing games and for sports days race.
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Sport Rope skipping rope pink

5.51 903581-1
Sport Rope skipping rope pink Rope freely movable in handles Length 2.43m Diameter 0.50cm
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Ankle Hoops 6 Assorted Colours

28.00 972314
An ideal game for developing jumping skills and co-ordination. Specification 6 colours, set of 6.
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Move & Balance Set

27.01 934130
Move & Balance Set Transport the ball from one post to another without falling. Players must work together and keep
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Soccer Ball

16.50 934276
This Soccer Ball is best school quality, carefully hand-stitched. Low-priced training Soccer Ball in official size and weight. Features Size
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Target game

25.00 950476
Age 4+
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Balancing Ball Set

34.60 172231
This set of 6 balance handles and balls is a great addition to any collection of physical play resources.
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Holding Streamers 3m, handle 30cm (2pcs)

Children will develop gross motor skills to invent their own creative movements with these streamers.2 assorted colours: Purple - Yellow or Blue - Red

Space Hopper Bouncer 55cm

29.90 901943
Space Hopper Bouncer 55cm Have fun developing movement, strength, coordination and core stability! A great addition to sports day events
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13.50 934172
Basketball Basketball for sports fans. Features Nylon cover Very good bounce Size 5 (Dimensions: 29.8 x 12.8 x 10.3 cm) Weight: 581
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Sport colored rhythmic ribbons, 5 pieces

29.60 933174
Sport colored rhythmic ribbons, 5 pieces For gymnastics & rhythm lessons no winding thanks to the rotating ring Set of
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Mini Trampoline 95cm

110.00 975542
Ultra strong mini trampoline with support bar made from tubular steel, reinforced springing and nylon padded skirt to stand the test of time. Promoting healthy exercise and gross motor skills in a fun way.
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Basketball Stand

93.00 975530
Free standing tubular steel basketball hoop with a nylon rope net. Designed for young children to help improve hand eye co-ordination and provide a challenge and reachable goal. Weather proofed so can be used inside and out. Simple self assembly required.
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Cone with holes and pole holder

14.81 933510
Cone with Holes, 50 cm To be used as high jumps, mini hurdles etc. Just hang up the variable pole holders and hurdles (10 – 50 cm) can be built. Thereby the poles only rest upon lightly and fall with light contact. That means no fear of accidents. Height: 50 cm The Set consists of 1 pole with holes 1 pole holder.
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Cones with numbers

30.90 933507
These cones are an excellent teaching and organization tool. The cones are numbered 0 – 10. For indoor or outdoor use. Height: 23 cm
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Foldable hurdless

15.00 933514
This hurdle can be quickly and easily adjusted to 3 heights between 6 cm and 38 cm. Use more than one to set up an obstacle course. Lightweight and portable.
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Poles – 70cm – 4pcs

13.50 950650
Poles – 70cm – 4pcs For use with cone with pole holder
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Double Colour Ribbons

28.00 933450
On each plastic wand there are 2 colourful ribbons. So movements seem to be more intense. So easy to use by young children!
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