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Triangles 8inch

Triangles 8” With beaters and holders. Ø 8 mm 15cm & 20cm

Music Triangle

2.70 985089
Music Triangle Product Size: 10cm Pack Size: 9.5 x 10.5 x 1.4cm
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Ocean Drum

18.50 988640
Reproduce the varied sounds of the ocean. Double sided frame drums with steel pellets inside. Ø 25 cm
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Egg Shakers

10.01 904955
Mini maracas in the form and the size of an egg with asubtle difference in sound between each color. The pitch level declines from yellow to pink, green and blue. Set includes 4 eggs (yellow, pink, green, blue) Length: 5cm
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Hand bells

7.50 985061
The Hand Held Bells come in different shapes and sizes suitable for use by young children. Specifications: 16.5 x 12.6 x 5cm
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Colored Lacquered Wooden Castanets

6.00 904155
Colored Lacquered Wooden Castanets 1 pair made of red & blue painted wood With elastic cords Diameter 5.5cm
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Sound Boxes

27.50 950131
This set of 6 pairs of sealed wooden cylinders in two matching boxes refines a child’s auditory sense and memory, and aids the vital skill of listening concentration.
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C Recorder

7.90 905134
Made of high quality plastic. Easy to clean. Appropriate for students.
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Hand Drum


Tunable drum with tersion rods. Plastic heads have a constant tuning. No need to retune then because of a change in temperature or humidity.

Diameter: 20cm & 25cm

Wooden Maracas

6.10 985047
These shakers are made of different materials, are different shapes and have a variety of fillings resulting in a variety of sounds. Diamensions: 16 x 7.6 x 5.8cm
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Headless Tambourine 8 and 10inch

Headless Tambourine 8 and 10inch Headless Tambourine (8” and 10” ) – 20xm and 25cmØ , 8 pair of jingles

Claves – Laurel (pair)

9.90 909796
Claves – Laurel (pair) Producing a very good sound, 20 cm long, Ø 24 cm Pair
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2.70 985069
Rhythm Clapper with 2 bells. Diamensions: 15.5 x 10cm
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Body bells

8.61 908857
With 10 large bells Attached with Velcro. Deeper sound. Length: 83 cm
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Hand bells 2

5.00 908310
With 10 bells Very nice design – grip is made of sturdy plastic. Very attractive for the children. Clear sound.  
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Tone Wood Block

7.71 904148
Tone Wood Block Natural wood. Can be played while holding in the hand or while put on a stand. Slotted
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Kokiriko (Clatterpillar)

16.10 985081
The Kokiriko makes the sound of lines of dominoes collapsing.
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Boomwhackers – Set 8

40.00 906936
Diatonic set with 8 tubes. C-C range (upper octave)

Length of larger tube 63cm

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Musical Touch Keyboard Singing Mat Animal Piano

19.90 901061
Musical Touch Keyboard Singing Mat Animal Piano Material: PVC, Polyester Color: Multi Color Size: 72**29cm/28.1*11.3inch Genre: Unisex Power Supply: 3*AA
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8.01 985010
Xylophone 24,5x13cm
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Shifu Plugo Tunes

76.90 912022
Shifu Plugo Tunes is an Augmented Reality children’s game support system compatible with mobile devices (tablets/smartphones) that opens a new
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19.00 988810
Ideal for young students to start playing xylophone. The bars have different color and tone and create a diatonic xylophone
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Wooden Tambourine with 4 pairs of bells 15cm

8.00 855033
Wooden Tambourine with 4 pairs of bells 15cm Varnished wooden tambourine with 4 pairs of bells. A real skin top
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Mini Maracas

8.70 909960
Mini Maracas rattling, easily audible sound with 2 different colored sound bodies 1 pair
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