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BeeBot, the ''clever bee''.
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EaRL Coding Robot

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Transparent Shell Compatible with Scratch 250-step program memory Came from outer space !!
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BeeBot – A5 Sequence Cards

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BeeBot – A5 Sequence Cards Help pupils to organise the route sequence with this pack of durable sequence cards. This
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Bee-Bot Pen Holders pk6

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Bee-Bot Pen Holders pk6 Now Bee-Bot can draw! Simply click on the shell, place a pen in the pen holder
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Bee-Bot Transparent Grid Mat

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For use with BeeBot and BlueBot See other mat here
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Bee-Bot Treasure Island Mat

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For use with BeeBot and BlueBot n See other mat here
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BeeBot Transparent Pocket Mat

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Personalise your own mat by inserting your own pictures and drawings. Create your own cards to retell your favourite story
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BeeBot Cover

Use these plastic covers to change the color of your Bee-Bot.

Bee-Bot Trailer

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Why not send Bee-Bot shopping with this attractive trailer which simply hooks onto the back of your robot. This easy
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Bee-Bot People Who Help Us Mat

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Navigate Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot around the community. A nice introduction to Our Community and People Who Help Us, such as
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EaRL Solar System

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We don’t know which solar system he came from, but that doesn’t stop you from exploring our own solar system
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BeeBot Dinosaurs Mat

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BeeBot Dinosaurs Mat. Program Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot to go on a pre-historic adventure with this colourful floor mat. Familiarise children
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Bee-Bot Farmyard Mat

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For use with BeeBot and BlueBot n See other mat here
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Magical Bee-Bot and BlueBot Adventure Mat

37.10 444484
Create a wonderful, varied and exciting place for Bee-Bot® to explore. Featuring a dark swamp, mythical wood and enchanting castle
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EaRL Street Scene Mat

43.30 467596
Pick up an iced bun at the bakery; go shoe shopping; pay your bills at the bank. No this isn’t
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EaRL – Treasure Island Map

37.08 467580
Well shiver me timbers, if this isn’t a great cross-curricular coding resource! The EaRL – Treasure Island Map (74.5 x
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BeeBot Blank Grid

49.50 444434
BeeBot Blank Grid. Ideal for whole class use, each student can be given their own grid to draw/ stick their
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BeeBot – Transport and Industry Mat

37.10 444436
Navigate BeeBot around the town to discover the different forms of transport and industry!
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BeeBot – Snakes and Ladders Mat

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For use with BeeBot and BlueBot n See other tracks here
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BeeBot – Transport and Industry Activity

39.90 444433
Transport and Industry Activity Tin This Activity Tin contains accessories to use with the Transport and Industry Bee-Bot mat. Included in the tin are 6 character jackets to transform Bee-Bot into a range of Transport and Industry characters, 10 cards with cross-curricular activity ideas and 20 prop pieces to place on the mat. Quick and easy to get started with when planing time is limited.
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BlueBot allows you to design your algorithm on your device’s screen, send it wirelessly via Bluetooth and watch it being executed by the cute little robot!
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Bee-Bot / Blue-Bot Hive Storage Bag

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Bee-Bot / Blue-Bot Hive Storage Bag Store your Bee-Bots and Blue-Bots compactly and safely in this purpose made bag. Made
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Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot Changeable Maze

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Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot Changeable Maze Create different combinations to build your 3D Maze. The route is differentiated by placing or
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BeeBot Class Bundle (6Pk) & Dock Station

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The Beebot Order set includes: 6 x Rechargeable BeeBot 1 x Rechargeable Docking Station BeeBot are programmable floor robots specially
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