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Solar driven Wind-Generator

19.60 407953
Changing the suns energy into electrical energy to make this a nice project. A 1v/250 mA Solar cell connects the
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Fishing boot with steam motor

13.50 408694

Very nice project with pre-made hull. The steam motor is pre made only needs ino be fitted and glued in the hull Patterns for all superstructure and planking. Simply fill the motor with water ( pipette) and place tea candle underneath

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35.81 405456

Construction of a nostalgic drawbridge and how it is also in use today.

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Electronics Construction Box

29.00 405015
Electronics Construction Box Designed as an introduction to electronics. The instructions and materials are especially designed for use by children.
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Roman Catapult

12.00 406669
Developed from original drawings of a Roman siege catapult. Easy for the pupils to achieve success and is fun to make, with a good quality elastic system for a long life, detailed drawings and instructions, an excellent working project (40cm X 25cm)
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Wind turbine

16.70 403410
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3D Hologram Maker with USB Port

12.40 416415

Age: 10+

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Door Bell Kit

8.51 405129
Functional model with two coils for connection to 4.5v battery. Pack with all parts and instructions.
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Electronic Miniature Organ

15.90 407056
Electronic Miniature Organ A small electronic organ with unlimited switching variations. Frequency is controlled by capacitors and resistors.Sound by the
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13.00 403026
An attractive project using various forms of plastic. The use of a motor and a propeller as a drive system
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Free flight motor glider

18.00 400995
Το προϊόν αυτό δεν είναι έτοιμο, θα το κατασκευάσετε εσείς. Υπάρχουν όλα τα υλικά που χρειάζονται για να φτιάξετε την
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Easy-Line Solar Double Decker – Flying Star

16.50 420977
Easy-Line solar double decker – Flying StarThe Flying Star double decker is laser cut from birch plywood. The precisely matched
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Cerberus Alarm

9.00 510132

Age 12+

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17.91 401196
This is a mainly mechanical project that will give pupils a good knowledge of gears and steering which can be applied in many other areas of technology.
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19.70 411714

With solar drive this Catamaran glides over the surface of water without problem.

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Easy-Line Windmill

9.51 402539
Easy-Line windmillWooden windmill made from laser parts.Only assemble and paint.Common activities: painting, gluing and mounting.Dimensions: approx. 230 mm high, per
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Wood construction-kit Fighter Jet

9.00 998042
This fun kit is for the people that likes to create and paint and likes to work with wood. Contains
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Wood construction-kit Sports car

9.00 998041
This fun kit is for the people that likes to create and paint and likes to work with wood. Contains
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Sternwheeler with Solar Gear Drive

24.80 417167

Age: 12+

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Traffic Light Ersatzmodell

10.40 411529
Traffic lights Pack for traffic lights which demonstrates a simple method of programming using a small tin (not included), w-o
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7.90 405445
A trip wire sets off a clearly defined alarm tone. The transparent trip wire pulls a dowel peg out of
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Bird House with Αutomatic Feeder

16.00 400180

This large bird house project is made from plywood can be hung or left free standing.

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Reed Switch Motor

9.50 405180

Reed Switch Motor Project for a simple motor with automatic interrupter.

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Energy Station

32.10 423987
A basic energy station pack. Designed for use by children 6-12 years old. Within 15 minutes or so the pupils
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