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Block Tech – Blocks And Ladders Game

17.51 990230
Block Tech – Blocks And Ladders Game Work your way around the board collecting blocks as you to go build
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PairGame First Learning

24.01 931920
Matching game that helps to exercise memory favoring the acquisition of vocabulary and knowledge in a fun way. Ages 3 to 6 years old
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Code & Go Mouse Mania Board Game

29.00 902863
A Learn-to-Code Board Game!
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Math Game – Hundred Board

20.50 920020
Math Game – Hundred Board These elements show very clearly how they relate to each other how the relation is
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Rainbow puzzle 6pc

23.50 958986
  • 6 pieces made of natural pine wood
  • glazed with watercolors
  • versatile
Age 1+
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Math Game Units of Length

20.50 920010
Math Game Units of Length Math Game Units of Length is equally suitable for school as well as for private
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Wooden Animals Block Puzzles

10.01 976067
Age 2+ The perfect introduction to colors and shapes and developing motor skills!
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Crocodile Hop™ Early Maths Activity Set

49.00 909544
Crocodile Hop™ Early Maths Activity Set Children hop down the river to learn colours, shapes and counting numbers 1-10. Also
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16.00 900780
Cups The most subversive Cup game is here! Put the bell in the center, take a set of colorful Cups
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4 in a Row

50.00 974774
Supports the following areas of learning: • Personal Development – collaborative play • Communication – reasoning • Physical Development – motor skills • Maths – pattern Specification Comes with 42 counters. Counter size: 62mm Dia. Frame Size: 600 x 480 x 220mm. Age: Suitable from 3 years.
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Fraction Formula™ Game

38.01 943220
Fraction Formula™ Game It’s a race to make a whole! Players draw a card and find the corresponding fraction tile,
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Wooden Flat Puzzle

9.90 956955
Age 1,5+
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Pizza Fraction Fun™ Game

28.00 105060
Ages 6+
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Robot Face Race™ Attribute Game

29.91 902889
Ages 4 - 8
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Cheese with holes

27.01 950795
Will the mouse achieve to carry the ball until the up holes to take the score? It's all about your help!
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Mini Motor Maths Activity Set

28.40 907731
A fun-filled, high octane counting race game
Primary learners will enjoy developing their numeracy skills with this race-themed counting game.
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Sum Swamp™ Addition & Subtraction Game

22.00 915052
The Sum Swamp maths board game is a fun and exciting way to build maths fluency as children practise addition and subtraction to get to the other side of the swamp. Suitable for 2-4 players, it’s a great way to keep kids engaged and learning in the classroom or at home.
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Secret Code Logic Game

29.00 943316
Secret code logic game A real classic brains are required here trains the logical thinking skills suitable for young and
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25.00 989492
Halma – Strategy game stable wooden is always fun Halma, also known as the Chinese checkers or chess game, is
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Find It – Say It

23.00 900527
Find It – Say It Did you find it? Say it! You’re screwed with the forbidden word and you burned
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Gigo Creator Legend – Glory Gems

42.00 407142
Have fun building and gaming with friends and family.
DIMENSIONS 324 x 221 x 64 mm
AGE 8+
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Wooden Empossed Puzzle

18.00 956956
Ages 2+
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70.61 190016
Tridio is an independent working method with a view to supporting the current methods of teaching mathematics in the fields of development of spatial ability, spatial orientation and appearance.
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Plugo Tacto Chess

Plugo Tacto Chess Real pieces meet digital games on this interactive chessboard. Learn to play the ultimate brain game, from
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