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Gigo Light and Solar Energy

93.00 941240
Gigo Light and Solar Energy The included solar panel not only can generate power, but also can store energy for
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Gigo Optical Devices

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Gigo Optical Devices FEATURES? Try various combination of lens and experience the effects of images and vision. Kids can learn
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Gigo Chemical Battery

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Learn the changes of liquor and concentration by doing a simple chemical experiment. Further kids can study the applications of fuel cell.
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Gigo Liquid And Hydraulics

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Explore the theory of hydraulics and atmospheric pressure. Apply the knowledge of potential energy on your device and observe the force of the water.
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Gigo Wind Power

74.30 941239
Gigo Wind Power Use the  wind power parts to transform natural wind into the electricity that we use in our daily
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Gigo Gas and Pneumatics (Scientific Experiment)

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Gigo Gas and Pneumatics (Scientific Experiment) Utilize the power of the air and let kids experience the acting force and
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Gigo Electromagnetism and Motor

93.00 941237
Gigo Electromagnetism and Motor Combine electricity and magnetic to increase the force. Kids can make powerful vehicles with the electromagnetism
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Gigo Electricity and Circuit

93.00 941236
Gigo Electricity and Circuit Discover the amazing world of electricity and magnetism The basic concepts of electrical currents, understanding power
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Gigo Motion and Mechanism

61.90 941235
Gigo Motion and Mechanism Using our construction blocks as a foundation, kids can learn the designs of complex transport machines, and
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Gigo Force and Simple Machines

58.30 941234
Gigo Force and Simple Machines Using our construction blocks, kids can build models of cranes and scales within the courses while
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