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Botley® 2.0 Activity Set

87.51 902938
Botley® 2.0 The Coding Robot is the next generation of coding fun. Botley 2.0 is easy to use with exciting new features and will have kids as young as five coding in minutes. Programme a sequence of up to 150 steps in six directions, watch it put on a light show, set it new challenges, unlock cool features, and more.
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STEM – Robot Mouse Activity Set

80.00 942831
This kit has been specifically designed to engage and inspire primary children in science, technology, engineering and maths lessons to develop enthusiasm from a young age.
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Coding Critters™ Scamper & Sneaker

55.01 903081
Discover Coding Critters! Play, learn and code screen-free with Scamper and Sneaker the cats, whilst exploring and developing new fun and exciting challenges.
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STEM – Robot Mouse

39.00 942841
The Robotic Mouse is specially designed to inspire children of pre-school age to interact with it, learning physics, technology, engineering and mathematics and developing their enthusiasm for science.
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Coding Critters™ Go-Pets – Scrambles the Fox

24.90 903097
Ages 4 – 8 Get ready for twisting, twirling coding adventures with Scrambles the Fox. Scrambles is the newest member of the award-winning Coding Critters  range of coding toys for kids. This clever motorised interactive pet knows how to follow black-line paths towards all kinds of forest adventures. Follow along with Scrambles' story in the set's 12-page full-colour coding activity book, then arrange the set's 16 included tiles to code your critter and reach a goal!
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Coding Critters™ Go-Pets -Dipper the Narwhal

24.90 903099
Ages 4 – 8 Ready, set, code! New Coding Critters Go-Pets Dipper the Narwhal is a clever, motorised interactive pet who knows how to follow black-line paths towards all kinds of undersea adventures. Follow along with Dipper’s story and arrange the 16 included tiles to code your critter and reach your goal. The award-winning Coding Critters range is ideal for introducing children as young as four to early coding skills through 100% screen-free hands-on play.
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Botley® Crashin’ Construction Accessory Set

22.00 902939
Botley® Crashin’ Construction Accessory Set puts young coders’ skills to the test as they enjoy STEM discovery fun. The build-and-bash Botley accessory set encourages cause-and-effect learning in children aged five and up. Build a STEM challenge and then use Botley’s scoop, crane and wrecking ball attachments to bash and knock them down. Compatible with any Botley robot (not included).
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Code & Go Robot Mouse Math Pack

28.00 902861
Extend coding into your maths lessons! Age 5+ Piecies 16
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Coding Critters™ Ranger & Zip

55.01 903080
Coding Critters – your first coding friends! These interactive pets introduce 100% screen-free programming for kids. Each pet-themed coding robot teaches early STEM concepts through basic coding and activities, featuring challenging coding games too.
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Artie 3000

85.00 751125
You write the code and Artie 3000™ draws the lines! Easy to learn and cool to create with, Artie 3000 also comes ready to draw with preprogrammed designs, shapes, and games.
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Coding Critters™ Bopper, Hip & Hop

55.01 903089
Hop into preschool coding fun with Coding Critters™ Bopper the bunny and her two pals, Hip and Hop. They’re reading a storybook for interactive coding adventures. Code Bopper to find carrots, pull them along in her garden cart, and hang out with her two adorable bunny friends, Hip and Hop. Coding Critters introduces early coding concepts to children as young as four through hands-on interactive play.
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Coding Critters™ Pair-A-Pets Adventures with Fluffy & Buffy

10.90 903093
Hop into the basics of coding! Sequential logic toys are an ideal way to introduce coding concepts to young children. Coding Critters Pair-a-Pets Adventures with Fluffy & Buffy can’t wait to leap into a new coding storybook adventure with their Coding Critters pals Bopper the bunny, Hip & Hop. Compatible with any Coding Critters set, Fluffy & Buffy come with a storybook coding adventure.
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Coding Critters™ Pair-A-Pets Adventures with Romper & Flaps

10.90 903092
Pair-a-Pets Romper & Flaps can’t wait to go on a roaring coding adventure with the Coding Critters dinosaur friends Rumble & Bumble. Compatible with any Coding Critters set, Pair-a-Pets Adventures with Romper & Flaps includes a coding storybook to introduce coding concepts through fun, interactive play to children as young as four.
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Coding Critters™ Pair-A-Pets Adventures with Pouncer & Pearl

10.90 903091
Go on purr-fect new coding adventures with Coding Critters Pair-a-Pets Pouncer & Pearl, the latest kitten-themed coding toys in the Coding Critters family. These cute kittens can’t wait to play hide and seek with their pals Scamper & Sneaker and are ideal for introducing more coding play to children aged four and up.
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Coding Critters™ Pair-A-Pets Adventures with Hunter & Scout

10.90 903090
Get set for more coding capers with Coding Critters Pair-a-Pets puppies, Hunter & Scout. These cute Coding Critters puppies can’t wait to join their Ranger and Zip friends for high jinks storybook coding adventures. Ideal for children aged four and up, Hunter & Scout are compatible with all Coding Critters toys and include a 20-page coding storybook.
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Botley® The Coding Robot Costume Party Kit

14.00 902956
Dress up your Botley 2.0 the Coding Robot and have a coding costume party! Get creative with 12 costume pieces including glasses, hats and even a moustache. The set includes a cool Botley 2.0-shpaed storage container to keep all your costume party pieces in one place, ready for playtime.
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