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Base Ten

16.00 139575

The printed cube (liter box) 10x10x10 cm contains: 5 yellow and 5 blue units 4 yellow and 5 blue rods


Base Ten Set II

18.48 139598

Dienes Cubes

These elements show very clearly how they relate to each other how the relation is between a unit and a ten.

The students will understand the relation between units, ten, hundreds, thousands.

Also the teachers will teach decimals, fractions percentages the concept of the square and the litre.


Clock Classic

4.84 190202

Moveable hands in 2 colours are covered and protected.

Moved by a unique mechanism.

Diameter: 11 cm.


Clock KIT «My First Clock»

20.96 407713

I craft my first watch. Let your children construct their first watch. Functioning normally, they’ll wind it up and see


Compass 10cm

11.00 550269

Tough plastic cased compass with lanyard. Marked with 8 compass points and full 360 degree scale round edges. Specification 10cm.


Cube Activity Board

4.84 101163

Used to developing counting sorting sequence, graphing, patterning measuring and basic mathematic operations.


Euro Coins (40pcs plastic Bag)

3.60 101992

Euro Coins
40 coins in a plastic bag
High quality


Euro Coins (plastic Bag) 80pcs

6.91 101991

Euro Coins
80 coins in a plastic bag.
High quality


EURO Coins 50pcs

3.60 180610

EURO Coins 50pcs in a plastic case


Euro Currency (65pcs)

8.18 185116

10 notes of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 Euro and 5 notes of 500 Euro.


EURO-Money Case

18.60 180640

This set contains 130 banknotes and 160 coins. 20 of each 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 10 of


Food Scale

22.01 989133

Traditional wooden shop scales with realistic working action and read off pointer scale.