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Bresser Junior Microscope + Telescope Set

75.00 985090
  • Set with microscope, telescope and accessories for beginners
  • LED lighting with transmitted light
  • Microscope: 40x - 640x magnification; Telescope: 20x - 32x magnification
  • Battery operated lighting (3x AA batteries included)
  • Extensive accessories included
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National Geographic FM Walkie Talkie 2 piece Set

46.00 911140
  • 2 Walkie Talkies with a range of up to 6 km
  • 10 different ringtones / integrated torch
  • battery operated (3x AAA per unit - not included)
  • built-in headphone jack / 8 narrowband channels
  • Volume can be adjusted
  • 5 Function buttons
  • LCD display with battery indicator
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Artie 3000

85.00 751125
You write the code and Artie 3000™ draws the lines! Easy to learn and cool to create with, Artie 3000 also comes ready to draw with preprogrammed designs, shapes, and games.
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Grafix Make your own Bling Soap

11.00 990095
Grafix Make your own Bling Soap Make your own Bling Soap by Grafix Contains: ❂ 3 x Coloured Fragrances ❂
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Magnet Attraction With Base

27.21 585141
Magnet Attraction With Base To find out about the first principles of magnetism. Set contains: 8 ring-shaped magnets, 2-coloured 2
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Shopping time (Advanced Set)

24.70 186934
The children get a shopping list and an amount of money. They have to buy the objects on the list and have to pay.  
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LEGO Education Simple Machines Set

74.61 709689
  • Age: 7+
  • Piecies: 204
With the LEGO Education Simple Machines Set, children will learn how simple machines are used in our everyday life.
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4 in a Row

50.00 974774
Supports the following areas of learning: • Personal Development – collaborative play • Communication – reasoning • Physical Development – motor skills • Maths – pattern Specification Comes with 42 counters. Counter size: 62mm Dia. Frame Size: 600 x 480 x 220mm. Age: Suitable from 3 years.
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LEGO Education SPIKE Essential Replacement Pack 2

2.60 700723
Ensure that your SPIKΕ Essential Set always has a complete set of minifigures with this replacement set of 4 minifigures included with the LEGO Education SPIKE Essential Set.
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Kanoodle® Head-to-Head

26.00 903036
The first ever Kanoodle puzzle challenge for two! Challenge another player to this 2-person battle while encouraging problem-solving, critical thinking, and spatial reasoning skills. Slide a challenge card into the board, place the pieces shown, then race to fit the remaining pieces - before your friend does.
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Kanoodle® Gravity™

26.00 903074
Go vertical with Kanoodle® Gravity! This brain-bending game stacks up with a vertical take on traditional Kanoodle. Players challenge themselves to complete 40 gravity-defying logic puzzles or alternate placing pieces with a friend. They’ll have so much fun, kids won’t realise they’re developing problem-solving, critical thinking, and spatial reasoning skills!
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Tyrolean Roulette

23.00 944495
Tyrolean Roulette The mental arithmetic trainer Score as many points as possible! Add up your numbers! for 2 to 6
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Shifu Plugo Tunes

76.90 912022
Shifu Plugo Tunes is an Augmented Reality children’s game support system compatible with mobile devices (tablets/smartphones) that opens a new
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19.00 988810
Ideal for young students to start playing xylophone. The bars have different color and tone and create a diatonic xylophone
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16.00 985099
8 Tone RedWood Xylophone with a pair of beaters Diamensions: 28.3 x 21.3 x 6.6cm
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