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Gigo Kids First Robot Factory

25.00 407449
Save the day by building and repairing the buggy robots in the robot factory! Ages 5+
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Clock KIT «My First Clock»

24.01 407713
Clock KIT «My First Clock» I craft my first watch. Let your children construct their first watch. Functioning normally, they’ll
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Botley® 2.0 Activity Set

87.51 902938
Botley® 2.0 The Coding Robot is the next generation of coding fun. Botley 2.0 is easy to use with exciting new features and will have kids as young as five coding in minutes. Programme a sequence of up to 150 steps in six directions, watch it put on a light show, set it new challenges, unlock cool features, and more.
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Kids First Robot Pet Shop

25.00 407450
Explore a wild robot pet shop and learn how the robots move!
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Cuisenaire Rods Introductory Set: Plastic Rods

22.00 907500
Cuisenaire Rods Introductory Set: Plastic Rods Cuisenaire Rods give students visual confirmation of their hands-on investigations of math concepts, from
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Kids First Robot Safari

25.00 407431
Kids First Robot Safari Theme-oriented blocks boost children’s creativity and imagination. ● Learn about different movements of simple mechanics. ●
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Giant Inflatable Labelling Globe

27.01 802438
Age 5+ Diameter 67.5
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Block Tech – Blocks And Ladders Game

17.51 990230
Block Tech – Blocks And Ladders Game Work your way around the board collecting blocks as you to go build
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Marble Runs

35.90 913911
Marble Runs With the marble run labyrinth to assemble, hours of fun are guaranteed! The individual parts of the plastic marble run consist
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Gigo Math Tower 3D

39.70 101187
Gigo Math Tower 3D
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Grafix Big Box of Craft

14.00 992848
  • Create your own greeting cards
  • Perfect for craft projects
  • Age suitable from 5 years
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Gears! Gears! Gears!® Robots in Motion Building Set

55.01 909228
Design and build your own twisting, turning, moving robot toy with Gears! Gears! Gears!®. All-new special components mean kids aged 5+ can use this cool construction toy set to build machines that move and transform. Follow along with the included STEM Activity Guide or build your own unique robo-toy with rolling treads, spinning eyes and more. There’s STEM construction learning in every build.
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Euro Bills Set of 40

4.30 180620
Euro Bills Set of 40 Printed in both sides.  Set contain 40 notes: 10 notes of 5€ 10 notes of
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Euro Currency (32pcs)

4.30 185117
5 notes of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 Euro and 2 notes of 500 Euro.
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Botley® Crashin’ Construction Accessory Set

22.00 902939
Botley® Crashin’ Construction Accessory Set puts young coders’ skills to the test as they enjoy STEM discovery fun. The build-and-bash Botley accessory set encourages cause-and-effect learning in children aged five and up. Build a STEM challenge and then use Botley’s scoop, crane and wrecking ball attachments to bash and knock them down. Compatible with any Botley robot (not included).
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Code & Go Mouse Mania Board Game

29.00 902863
A Learn-to-Code Board Game!
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Hot Dots Let’s Learn! Maths Set

31.00 909288
Great value set offering 192 interactive learning activities.
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Magnetic Wand & 10 Marbles

4.80 550016
Magnetic Wand & 10 Marbles Specification Wand length 190mm, marble dia. 15mm
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Artie 3000

85.00 751125
You write the code and Artie 3000™ draws the lines! Easy to learn and cool to create with, Artie 3000 also comes ready to draw with preprogrammed designs, shapes, and games.
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Magnifier Dual Observation

12.00 861005
Magnifier Dual Observation Allows 2 people to view simultaneously. Top view 6x magnification, Easy grip handles. The top part can
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Hammer and Nail play

45.90 135824
Small handworkers can create their own designs or reproduce the patterns provided.
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K’NEX Fly Away Building Set

13.01 945509
Age: 5+
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Botley the Coding Robot Action Challenge Accessory Set

25.00 902937
Age 5+ Piecies 40
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Nature Exploring KIT

31.00 820010
With this kit students will observe and collect samples from their neighborhood and explore them.
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