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Active World Adjustable Stand

108.50 906202

The stand is adjustable to 4 different heights 20cm, 30cm, 40cm and 50cm. Ideal for use indoors and outdoors.


Active World Town Scene Mat

39.68 906096

Add messy materials to represent features such as the fountain, road works etc.

Visit the shops, the post office, the bank etc.   Look for street furniture.

Fits snuggly into our standard Active World Tray.

Size 86cm². Suitable from birth.


Active World Tray

44.64 90609Χ

These versatile tuff spot trays are simply superb. They store easily, you can carry them easily, attach canopies easily to the top holes, and they are extremely durable. They have so many uses!

Amazing Magic Hat with DVD

30.13 920125

Learn to do magic tricks with his hat and paraphernalia found in the package! With a little practice you will


Ankle Hoops 6 Assorted Colours

28.00 972314

An ideal game for developing jumping skills and co-ordination.


6 colours, set of 6.


Apron for Children

5.70 981883

Apron for children in two sizes.

Size: Medium (ages 4-6), Small (ages 2-4)


Artificial Active World Grass Mat 86cm

70.68 906924

Artificial Active World Grass Mat 86cm

Ideal for both in or outdoors use, these artificial grass mats really do look like the real thing!

Comfortable for little bottoms to sit upon these mats feature a realistic looking mix of both green and brown tufts.

Each mat is UV stable and suitable for leaving outdoors.

Size 86cm².


Balancing Ball Set

34.60 172231

This set of 6 balance handles and balls is a great addition to any collection of physical play resources.


Basketball Stand

93.00 975530

Free standing tubular steel basketball hoop with a nylon rope net. Designed for young children to help improve hand eye co-ordination and provide a challenge and reachable goal. Weather proofed so can be used inside and out. Simple self assembly required.


Big Two Tone Block

5.32 905207

Big Two Tone Block

Quality hardwood block with a handle


Body bells

8.56 908857

With 10 large bells

Attached with Velcro. Deeper sound.

Length: 83 cm


Boomwhackers – Set 8

40.00 906936

Diatonic set with 8 tubes.
C-C range (upper octave)

Length of larger tube 63cm