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Prepared micro-slides

20.00 261046
Prepared micro-slides (12) Slides with 36 Assorted Specimens 3 Specimens in each slide Each slide with a different group: Drinks
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Bresser Junior Microscope + Telescope Set

75.00 985090
  • Set with microscope, telescope and accessories for beginners
  • LED lighting with transmitted light
  • Microscope: 40x - 640x magnification; Telescope: 20x - 32x magnification
  • Battery operated lighting (3x AA batteries included)
  • Extensive accessories included
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6.00 820001
Magnifier Magnification: 5x Diamension: φ75mm
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Bresser Junior Microscope 40x-640x

The BRESSER Junior Mikroskop 40x-640x enables a quick start into the world of microscopy! Available in various colors !

Microscope & 30 Experiments

57.00 214054
Microscope & 30 Experiments With the BUKI experiment kit, children have the opportunity to precisely observe nature that is not
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Magnifier Dual Observation

12.00 861005
Magnifier Dual Observation Allows 2 people to view simultaneously. Top view 6x magnification, Easy grip handles. The top part can
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Nature Exploring KIT

31.00 820010
With this kit students will observe and collect samples from their neighborhood and explore them.
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National Geographic 8X40 Porro Binoculars

64.01 891035
The classic Porro prism binoculars are rugged and compact, making it the ideal traveling companion. The lenses and prisms of BK-7 glass provide high
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National Geographic 20X Stereo-Microscope

100.01 991190
Two eyes are better than one! So many things you’ll find outside can be magnified up to 20 times with this stereo microscope.
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GeoSafari® Jr. Kidnoculars®

18.00 915260
GeoSafari® Jr. Kidnoculars® Explore the outdoors with the only binoculars designed specifically for little kids. Enlarged, focus-free eyepieces which are more
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GeoSafari® Jr. Kidnoculars® Extreme™

35.01 915261
GeoSafari® Jr. Kidnoculars® Extreme™ Hear what you see, with Kidnoculars Extreme. Magnify your world with these awesome 3x no-focus binoculars and amplify
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Microscope 40x 640x Kids Set Orange

49.90 221124
There is so much to discover – examine it under your microscope!
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Bresser Junior Experiment Set

29.00 959490
Experiment set with extensive accessories Age 8+
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Garden Exploring KIT

24.70 814100
Everything you need to explore the life in your garden.
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(Marine Viewer) Water Periscope

30.00 861167
(Marine Viewer) Water Periscope Ideal for underwater observations.
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30.00 861165
Plastic Periscope Size adjustable from 33cm to 56cm
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Plastic Aquarium with Lid & Base

31.50 334097
Plastic starter aquarium with lid, capacity approx 11L Specification Size: 31 x 22 x 22cm. Colour may vary.
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