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Yumology! Sweets Lab

28.50 912943
Who wouldn’t want to make their own yummy sweets? Now you can with the Yumology! Sweets lab. Children can follow easy to learn recipes and make their own lollies, biscuits and refreshing juices! Helping to develop early science skills and creative play.
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Battery and 1 medium Size of Motor

20.00 708888
Boost your set with these extra parts and power up your builds.
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Introduction to Automation

155.00 777710
Designed for elementary classrooms, the Introduction to Automation Core Set with Software and Get Started Project is a hands-on solution that ignites students’ curiosity, while enhancing their skills in science, engineering, technology, and coding.
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Young Engineers

35.01 777715
With the Young Engineers Set package, students will be taught how to use simple machines in our daily lives.
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The little Engineers

122.81 777718
  • 8pcs Electronic Modules
  • 1pc Gear Motor
  • 124pcs Blocks
  • 9 Projects
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Lilliputian Engineers

99.00 777705
The Lilliputian Engineers Set contains building elements that can be used to teach kindergarteners and first graders to discover how the world works using DUPLO®.
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Simple And Powered Machines

119.99 777720
Students will understand the basic principles of engineering applied to the six simple machines. They will then broaden their understanding by adding more complex mechanisms such as gears and cams, as well as a functional engine.
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