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TechCard Set 5models

TechCard Set 5models Truck with pneumatics Bridge DoorBell Car with worm gear Dinosaur
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TechCard Set 5models

TechCard Set 5models Propelled vehicle Desk Lamp Architectural construction Excavator with 2 pneumatic elements Formula F1
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TechCard Tipper Truck

8.00 410121
A simple pneumatic system controls the raising and lowering of the back of the truck.
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TechCard Snapping Snake

6.00 410116
TechCard Snapping Snake is a linkage mechanism extends the snake and its jaw snaps shut, watch out!
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TechCard Balloon Turbine

8.00 410122
TechCard Balloon Turbine. Escaping air spins the high speed turbine. A whole year’s science in one model!
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TechCard Balance Scales

7.50 410117
TechCard Balance Scales is a working set of scales to compare the ‘weight’ or ‘mass’ of different objects.
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TechCard Dragster

7.50 410120
This TechCard Dragster is an elastic band powered car demonstrates many science topics and is great for racing!
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TechCard Windmill

7.50 410123
TechCard Windmill has a rear fin that steers the blades into the wind. Power with a small fan or take outside.
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TechCard Spiral Toy

6.00 410119
TechCard Spiral Toy, a spindle rotates a simple ‘friction drive’ which operates in the same way as gears.
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TechCard Merry Go Round

8.00 410118
TechCard Merry Go Round is a crank operated fairground ride demonstrating simple mechanisms at work.
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TechCard Drawbridge

7.50 410115
TechCard Drawbridge is a simple but realistic model incorporating a hinge and winder to operate the bridge.
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Solar Powered Car (DIY)

19.21 671806
Build your own solar car!! SET includes all necessary materials (PV (solar) panel), motor, wheels, axles, chassis) to make it work!!
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