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Round Fractions

7.30 120122
A marked set of plastic circles divided into fractional parts. Includes pieces representing:1 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/6 and 1/8. The circles are 10 cm diameter in plastic box.
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Bresser Junior Microscope + Telescope Set

75.00 985090
  • Set with microscope, telescope and accessories for beginners
  • LED lighting with transmitted light
  • Microscope: 40x - 640x magnification; Telescope: 20x - 32x magnification
  • Battery operated lighting (3x AA batteries included)
  • Extensive accessories included
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National Geographic FM Walkie Talkie 2 piece Set

46.00 911140
  • 2 Walkie Talkies with a range of up to 6 km
  • 10 different ringtones / integrated torch
  • battery operated (3x AAA per unit - not included)
  • built-in headphone jack / 8 narrowband channels
  • Volume can be adjusted
  • 5 Function buttons
  • LCD display with battery indicator
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Multiplication board

22.00 185784
The multiplication bead board is used for practice with the multiplication tables 1 X 1 through 10 X 10.
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Bresser Junior Microscope 40x-640x

The BRESSER Junior Mikroskop 40x-640x enables a quick start into the world of microscopy! Available in various colors !

Construction Garden of Crystals

24.90 950488
Construction Garden of Crystals Design and build your own original crystal garden! Learn about chemistry through a crystal cultivation experiment.
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Betzold small division board

22.00 185785
The multiplication bead board is used for practice with the multiplication tables 1 X 1 through 10 X 10.
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Wood construction-kit Sports car

9.00 998041
Wood construction-kit Sports car This fun kit is for the people that likes to create and paint and likes to
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Grafix Make your own Bling Soap

11.00 990095
Grafix Make your own Bling Soap Make your own Bling Soap by Grafix Contains: ❂ 3 x Coloured Fragrances ❂
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Deluxe Fraction Tower® Activity Set

35.01 102075
Ages 6 - 11
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Shopping time (Advanced Set)

24.70 186934
The children get a shopping list and an amount of money. They have to buy the objects on the list and have to pay.  
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Gigo RCM Construction Vehicles

84.80 407408
Dimensions: 420 x 80 x 300 mm Age: 6+ Models: 8 Components: 227
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80.00 221000
  • Telescope with azimutal mount and tripod for first steps in celestial observation
  • 50 mm objective diameter; 600 mm focal length
  • Magnification: 30x to 150x
  • Telescope dimensions: 1000 x 1000 x 1350 mm ; Weight: 1045 g
  • Scope of delivery: Telescope, aluminium tripod, viewfinder, eyepieces, diagonal mirror, erecting lens, moon filter, software
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Basic circuits

8.61 403199
Basic circuits Model of a basic circuit for a flashing light. Contains all necessary parts and instructions. Joining is by
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National Geographic Weather Station

60.00 807010

This weather station shows you a whole range of meteorological data on the clearly structured display with intuitively understandable symbols.

  • Weather forecast for the following 6 hours. Indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity.
  • Additional information like sunrise, moonphase, tide
  • Radio controlled clock via DCF signal. Various timezones possible (up to +-2 hours)
  • Dimensions: 165x29x130 mm, Weight: 255 g
  • Scope of delivery: Weatherstation, outdoor sensor, manual
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National Geographic 20X Stereo-Microscope

100.01 991190
Two eyes are better than one! So many things you’ll find outside can be magnified up to 20 times with this stereo microscope.
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Gigo Easy Electric Circuits

32.00 407455
● Dive into the exciting world of electrical circuits. ● Discover the difference between circuits that run in series and parallel. ● Build 5 models (lion, bird, car, zoetrope and illusion) and perform 20 types of experiment. ● Scientific experiments involve many combinations of motors and LEDs. ● Requires 2 AA/LR06 batteries – not included.
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Electric Airplane Glider

7.50 400153
Electric Airplane Glider Material: wood Size: about 17*6cm Color: picture color Weight: about 100g Quantity: 1 set Principle: Power is
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Wooden DIY Solar Remote Control Racing Car

16.50 400143
Wooden DIY Solar Remote Control Racing Car Size:11x12x10.5cm Weight: about 130 g Color: no color  (you can paint your favorite color
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Shifu-Orboot Our Earth

76.90 912048
Shifu-Orboot Our Earth is an augmented reality children’s game support system compatible with mobile devices (tablets/smartphones) that opens a new
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My first long numbers in base 10 blocks

45.01 130691
My first long numbers in base 10 blocks A set representing long numbers from 1 to 999 with base 10
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Anatomy Model – Skeleton

28.40 203337
Encourage children to develop an understanding of the human body!
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Move & Balance Set

27.01 934130
Move & Balance Set Transport the ball from one post to another without falling. Players must work together and keep
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Fraction Pie Puzzles

39.51 108445
Fraction Pie Puzzles Making fractions is "easy as pie".
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